Welcome to S.E.A.Gull Virtual Airline
S.E.A.Gull Airlines, a subsidiary of Atlantic Sun Airways is based out of one main hub - Changi Intl., Singapore.

Founded in 2008, S.E.A.Gull strives for excellence, and we continue to meet our ultimate goal each and every day - to provide pilots with a realistic flight experience while maintaining an organized and professional environment. S.E.A.Gull is definitely a one of-a-kind virtual airline. Offering a large variety of flights per day, using different state-of-the-art aircraft, we provide an enjoyable and fulfilling virtual pilot experience.

Join today - we would love to have you as part of the team. S.E.A.Gull... 'Serving South East Asia and beyond'.

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Atlantic Sun welcomes
Latest Denver pilot
Rick W. joined 2016-12-30
Aurora, Colorado, United States
Latest Boston pilot
Ricardo R. joined 2017-01-13
Cascais, Lisbon, Portugal
Latest Orlando pilot
Fred F. joined 2017-01-24
Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
Latest Schiphol pilot
Pascal v. joined 2016-12-17
Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Latest Singapore pilot
Kelvin P. joined 2017-01-18
singapore, sinapore, Singapore
Atlantic Sun :: Top Pilots
Denver's Top Pilot (Jan. 2017)
Cliff H., 95 hrs (19,979 total)
Boston's Top Pilot (Jan. 2017)
Michael S., 98 hrs (10,923 total)
Orlando's Top Pilot (Jan. 2017)
David F., 88 hrs (6,706 total)
Schiphol's Top Pilot (Jan. 2017)
Taje S., 48 hrs (148 total)
Singapore's Top Pilot (Jan. 2017)
Charlie Z., 62 hrs (5,118 total)
Atlantic Sun :: Latest Flight Reports
Latest Denver Flight Report
Pilot: Cliff H.
Flight #: 5593 (ATR-72-500)
Departed: 1838 from KDTW
Arrived: 2023 at KGSO
Hours: 1.8
Latest Boston Flight Report
Pilot: Patrick J.
Flight #: 3855 (ERJ-170)
Departed: 1341 from KELP
Arrived: 1500 at KLAX
Hours: 2.4
Latest Orlando Flight Report
Pilot: James O.
Flight #: 2579 (A-319-100)
Departed: 0906 from MKJS
Arrived: 1059 at KMCO
Hours: 2
Latest Schiphol Flight Report
Pilot: Terry P.
Flight #: 3295 (B-717-200)
Departed: 0413 from EGKK
Arrived: 0645 at LPPT
Hours: 2.5
Latest Singapore Flight Report
Pilot: Thomas S.
Flight #: 6250 (DHC-8-Q400)
Departed: 0953 from RPLL
Arrived: 1133 at RPVM
Hours: 1.7